We’ve front-loaded this update with two quick introductions for collections that might get overlooked among the groovy, bold and assertive shop favorites that follow. New to OTTICA SEATTLE is a Parisian line from optician-turned-designer, Caroline Abram who offers a sophisticated warm-weather sensibility in her designs. Generously oversized and yet delicate, the frames we’ve stocked have a glamorizing, ultra-feminine effect on the face with unexpected—sometimes asymmetrical—finish details that glint like dainty pieces of jewelry. Another collection that deserves a closer look is Histoire de Voir, the brainchild of Stephane Sarnin—also an optician-turned-designer from Paris whose leather cladding techniques have become his signature. A slight tilt of the face reveals exotic, plaited, studded or heavy-stitched leather inlaid on bridges and temples—tactile details that quickly shed any notion of ubiquity one might assume with such classic silhouettes. Come on over to try on these styles and many more which can only be found here, at OTTICA SEATTLE.


At the heart of RIGARDS is an obsession with creating imposing styles via material innovation as evidenced by the brand’s award-winning metalloid collection of aluminum-magnesium alloy frames which routinely belie their substantial builds.  The assembly of exclusive flex-hinge mechanisms, genuine horn nose pads, and solderless constructions with anodized finishes of 95-percent recycled aluminum meets high standards for style, comfort and quality while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible.  That’s not to say that the brand only produces metal frames.  RIGARDS is also deeply invested in water buffalo horn which comes with its own distinct benefits: all natural and compostable, oil and moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and 30-percent lighter than acetate!  Horn eyewear has been around for well over a century and although the concept is far from new, RIGARDS has managed to make horn relevant in a somewhat counterintuitive way: work it to the point where it no longer resembles horn. Thick rounded silhouettes look like polished jade and the black styles we have in stock are wonderfully mysterious with a finish reminiscent of binchotan and yet so lightweight it disguises itself as carbon fiber—like a trophy example of some future 4D-printing tech.

Purchasing decisions speak volumes about one’s beliefs and as we enter our seventeenth year, we’re proud to say that we’ve built our business on supporting independent brands like RIGARDS who create with both an imagination and a conscience. Come try on these special pieces and more new arrivals on display now at OTTICA SEATTLE.


For wire-frame loyalists or those looking for unique alternatives to traditionally thin silhouettes, we invite you to come browse our fantastic new collection from Japan. Ultralight with details like solid titanium nose pads, wafer-thin crystal acetate and hairline pops of color, Yuichi Toyama's handmade frames extol the virtues of minimalism to great effect.  Come try on the entire collection and more new arrivals—all on display now at OTTICA SEATTLE!