At the heart of RIGARDS is an obsession with creating imposing styles via material innovation as evidenced by the brand’s award-winning metalloid collection of aluminum-magnesium alloy frames which routinely belie their substantial builds.  The assembly of exclusive flex-hinge mechanisms, genuine horn nose pads, and solderless constructions with anodized finishes of 95-percent recycled aluminum meets high standards for style, comfort and quality while maintaining the smallest carbon footprint possible.  That’s not to say that the brand only produces metal frames.  RIGARDS is also deeply invested in water buffalo horn which comes with its own distinct benefits: all natural and compostable, oil and moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and 30-percent lighter than acetate!  Horn eyewear has been around for well over a century and although the concept is far from new, RIGARDS has managed to make horn relevant in a somewhat counterintuitive way: work it to the point where it no longer resembles horn. Thick rounded silhouettes look like polished jade and the black styles we have in stock are wonderfully mysterious with a finish reminiscent of binchotan and yet so lightweight it disguises itself as carbon fiber—like a trophy example of some future 4D-printing tech.

Purchasing decisions speak volumes about one’s beliefs and after nearly 15 years, we’re proud to say that we’ve built our business on supporting independent brands like RIGARDS who create with both an imagination and a conscience. Come try on these special pieces and more new arrivals on display now at OTTICA SEATTLE.


For wire-frame loyalists or those looking for unique alternatives to traditionally thin silhouettes, we invite you to come browse our fantastic new collection from Japan. Ultralight with details like solid titanium nose pads, wafer-thin crystal acetate and hairline pops of color, Yuichi Toyama's handmade frames extol the virtues of minimalism to great effect.  Come try on the entire collection and more new arrivals—all on display now at OTTICA SEATTLE!


With Father's Day just around the corner, we'd like to inform you of our belief that a new pair of glasses is the best, most memorable and transformative gift one could give. And this year, it occurred to us that there's another important category of loved ones who we haven't formally addressed: the bespectacled graduates of 2018!  If you're looking to splurge on a graduation gift that's both meaningful and practical, a gift certificate presented in our signature packaging would check two important boxes for the occasion: super-cool gift and hyperbole for the commencement of a very long and arduous path in which one must learn to find and balance what he or she loves with a career that offers, among other life-sustaining things, good vision benefits.

The timing of our replenished inventory could not be better for that special someone.  With our fresh selection ranging from chunky and oversized crystalline profiles to impossibly thin expressions in featherweight titanium, there's something for just about everyone... that is, of course, while supplies last!    



From our point of view, protecting your eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation is mandatory which is why it's always been our standard policy to ensure that any clear lenses purchased at OTTICA SEATTLE block all UVA and UVB rays.  Reducing the sun’s glare, on the other hand, requires an entirely different approach.

With plenty of new styles in stock, now is a great time to get a pair of stylish prescription sunglasses that will make a big difference in your vision outdoors. We know that some of you reading this will begin to imagine an impossible scenario of kayaking on Elliott Bay in a series of images that violates your definition of fun. By "outdoors" we mean any scenario outside of a building enclosure like your daily commute to and from work which requires seeing well despite high-glare road conditions.

As for more outdoorsy stuff like checking out the cherry blossoms at UW, attending opening day at Safeco field, shopping the farmer’s market, watching your kid’s weekly soccer game or popping out of the office for a bite to eat, those activities—even in overcast weather—require sunglasses that don’t force you to choose between style and seeing effortlessly. 

Remember, any frame at OTTICA SEATTLE can be transformed into tinted or polarized sunglasses so come see these newest arrivals in person and allow us to suggest a few combinations of frames and lenses that will suit your needs the best!   



Material innovations and advanced fabrication techniques translate to new shapes, proportions and expressive possibilities, and our most recent wave of arrivals includes a subset of styles that use transparency and color in ways that feel fresh.  On display, it's natural to assume that clear acrylics in particular or frames built with a minimal use of materials will somehow have too subtle of an effect or even disappear on the face, however the results can be quite the opposite.  Blake Kuwahara and Kaneko have treated us to exceptional collections as of late and the pieces we've selected push chunky, oversized and traditional wire-frame genres into this new territory with skin and color-amplifying effects that range vastly from one face to another.  It's fascinating to see one single Blake Kuwahara style elicit confident, disciplined traits in one individual and outrageously nude, outgoing and maximal effects with another.  Our stock is dwindling faster than the time it takes to publish these updates!  So, if we've managed to pique your curiosity, it's important to take immediate action and experiment with these styles and more terrific options now, at OTTICA SEATTLE.


J.F. REY   |   TAVAT  |  REIZ  |  VUE DC... |  FRANCIS KLEIN  




Like all welcome additions to our steady mix of frames, TAVAT's signature SoupCan styles have arrived and are disappearing fast—a veritable rite of passage for an exciting new collection.  Handcrafted in Northern Italy, the SoupCan's rim-lock frame of coined surgical steel components with watch-crown hinges are engineered to lock lenses in place, resulting in a chic, industrial-strength design borne out of pure mechanical function.  All frames at OTTICA SEATTLE can be made into Rx sunglasses and TAVAT's additional offerings of soft rounds with tortoise blinders are particularly well-suited for an elevated and playful take on bespoke eye protection.  Come take a closer look at TAVAT and new frames for Summer from REIZ, VUE DC..., FRANCIS KLEIN and so much more—all on display now at OTTICA SEATTLE.


This Spring, there's a distinct Bauhaus mood inherent in our recent arrivals.  To be clear, this is not some anachronistic stunt playing out on our shelves with re-interpreted silhouettes of iconic styles from the past.  Rather, the spirit we're describing has everything to do with the fiercely independent culture of a very small slice of the optical world we inhabit and invite our customers and friends to be a part of every day.  All eyewear at OTTICA SEATTLE is handmade by small, independent companies who behave less like brands and more like guilds of artists and inventors obsessed with uniting craft and material technology into eyeglass frames as a single creative expression.  The rigor of this movement can be found at the heart of our current collection in the form of gorgeous pieces sculpted out of aluminum, titanium and surgical steel that render weightlessness into precise points of view.  Matte finishes and a mix of rubber and silicone components transform metal into super soft, sensual objects with flattering effects that you must see and feel in person.  Design manifestos aside, limited quantities suggest that one pay us a visit sooner rather than later so don't delay and come try on these styles and more new arrivals before they're gone!


OTTICA SEATTLE has always been an unofficial meeting place for friends and family who give and receive the very best gifts—a relaxing, bright space to set your bags down, take a breather, and indulge in a thoughtful purchase for yourself or a loved one.  Our passion for premium eyewear (and adorable fuzzy creatures) makes us biased—we know—but the transformations we witness every day with customers and the mutual joy we share by helping to match a unique pair of glasses with an equally unique individual is what drives our belief that an opportunity to own a pair of superb glasses could be an amazing, life-changing gift. 

Out of all the holiday seasons in recent memory, 2016 feels very different and now, more than ever, our purchases speak explicitly about our points of view as global definitions of luxury, wealth and intelligence shift.  We never got into the business of selling glasses to preach to a captive audience of folks with refractive eye disorders, but over all these years, we've found our purpose and soul as staunch supporters of individuality under the simple guise of helping one to see better.  

So this year, why not give the special people on your list an OTTICA SEATTLE gift certificate? Not only will you be done shopping for the most challenging loved ones on your list, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more versatile, practical gift that promotes discovery, self-expression and authenticity, with gorgeous results guaranteed.  Can we say, BEST GIFT EVER!? 




For over 30 years, Peter Kozich and his team in Perchtoldsdorf, Austria have been producing handmade eyewear that has always been ahead of the curve. The latest collection is pure Schau Schau: fiercely independent and unapologetic at first glance and yet completely wearable and unexpectedly flattering.  If your curiosity is piqued and you're in the mood to test drive a righteous pair of chunky frames, or perhaps you're looking to create a unique look with a perfect pair of bespoke prescription sunglasses, now would be a very good time to view this collection and more at OTTICA SEATTLE.



The last time a clever, highly intelligent monkey influenced the fate of billions was twelve years ago; the year of the Green Wooden Monkey was the same year Google's IPO debuted, the Detroit Pistons were NBA champions and squinting was still a reliable method of seeing the world around you and watching the first season of Lost.  Looking back, 2004 may not have been particularly memorable but, relative to this year's Red Fire Monkey, what can you reasonably expect when the monkey in charge was green and made of wood?  As his title suggests, not only is the primate of 2016 an auspicious shade of red but he's also eternally aflame—in other words, individuals who dare to be different and bravely seek unconventional solutions to old problems are in luck. Feng shui masters and destiny consultants are confirming what all of us here at OTTICA SEATTLE have known for well over a decade; success takes guts and vision-impaired individuals who embrace rebellion in the form of calculated risks will experience a wildly transformative year. 

Come browse our entire collection of latest arrivals from FRANCIS KLEIN, PIERRE EYEWEAR, J.F. REY, LA EYEWORKS and more!








Mr. Kuwahara has a unique talent for pushing design boundaries and his latest collection—all handmade in Japan—is retrofuturism at its best.  Meticulously crafted and honed, every style and frame reinterprets classic silhouettes, chunky proportions, tortoise hues and flecked linoleum patterns with an optimism that's nothing short of cool.  Japanese and Italian acetates, brushed metals and titanium form an undeniably unique collection with an incredible level of fit and comfort to match.  Take some time out this week to experiment with the pieces featured below and more from Blake Kuwahara and our entire selection of Fall/Winter arrivals!




We've got an incredible assortment of something for just about everyone: matte finishes in paper-thin steel silhouettes, chunky acetates cast in juicy summer fruit shades, and renewed classics that stylishly blur the line between everyday and sport.  Stock is already starting to dwindle so stop by soon to try on these styles and more arriving over the next couple weeks—just in time to get spruced up for those special events and warmer months ahead!



Before you surrender to another pair of glasses that simply refuse to stay put on your face, do yourself a favor and spend some quality time with us.  All that frustration over the size of your head, height of your cheekbones, or your low, pinched or non-existent nose bridge—it's valid...if you're wearing glasses that don't fit!  Our highly edited assortment of frames are chosen with all the unique faces, proportions and personalities of our customers in mind because the true definition of personal style is fit.  Come experience what it's like to not fiddle with your glasses: Trust us, you'll never go back to tolerating less-than-perfect specs ever again.



For the Randall Browns and Lix Storms out there, the incisive, brainy, measure-twice-cut-once types with a whiskey in one hand and FSA mad money ticking like a time bomb in the other, take note: the newest from RES/REI has arrived. Unerring, persuasive and never argumentative, the collection is a refinement of proportions and colors—all cut in super-lightweight acetate with wide-flexing hinges that gently conform to each individual. This is the clean break you've been longing for without sacrificing comfort, focus or your quiet, smouldering intensity. Make a visit to our boutique a resolution and swing by to see everything from RES/REI and more!



HAPTER founders Eric Balzan and Mirko Forti have engineered a uniquely tactile collection of eyewear from their homebase in the Belluno Province of Northern Italy with the Dolomites serving as metaphoric inspiration for their line of conceptual frames. The duo's award-winning handmade eyewear, manufactured out of surgical stainless steel and fused with fine textiles, capture a look and feel that is equal parts soft, nostalgic and bleeding edge. Artisanal textiles produced exclusively for HAPTER by the famed Italian mill Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti, impart a luxurious matted sheen that only a fine weave is capable of delivering.  In an array of flattering, military-inspired hues, these flexible, weightless frames interpret minimalism in a discreet, ultra-modern way.  OTTICA SEATTLE is the exclusive authorized HAPTER retailer in the US.  Come visit the store or contact us to learn more!