After more than a decade of matching faces and personalities to optical frames, we're always so flattered when a customer returns loving their glasses and reports the compliments he or she has received—trust me, it never gets old! With so many new ways to shop for just about anything these days, finding decent frames seems simple enough. But if you've found us and are taking the time to read this, you're probably familiar with just how difficult finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses can be.

Frames should highlight the uniqueness of faces and personalities and our belief is that a great frame feels and looks like it was made just for you. I've really grown to admire our customers and am delighted by each and every visit and their willingness to experiment. Each pair we select together brings them up a notch from their comfort zone and that is fantastic. In fact, I love it when in the course of a few years, I see that a customer has evolved in refining a look that is their own special “style”, far removed from when we first met. 

For the individualists out there, those of you who are not ruled exclusively by trends, we can be your ultimate resource. And to all of our friends and customers in Seattle and beyond, and our partners all over the world, many of whom have become dear friends, thank you for all your support. Without you, our little shop would not be the gem it is today!    

XO Arlene Phillips